Volunteers recruitment portal

Volunteers are a very important part of the game community. Hundreds of helpers work together in order to help other players and provide the maximum amount of comfort in Tanki Online. Join us today! Apply and become a part of the team!

Content Helpers

Daily news, weekly v-logs, announcements, broadcasts, designs, etc. All of these are done by these wonderful people!

Open vacancies: 4

Game Translator

Helpers that translate the game to other languages.

Open vacancies: 2

Battle moderation

Protecting players from violations in battles, fighting against cheaters and preventing sabotage - it's all about helping tankers. Pay attention to the requirements for candidates - age 18+, experience in the game from a year, good reputation

Open vacancies: 1


Dozens of tournaments are held each year. Judging, capturing, broadcasting, reviewing and much more!

Open vacancies: 1


 A group of helpers working together with the developers helping them with finding bugs in-game during the development process.

Open vacancies: 1

Chat Moderators

Chat Moderators are the all-seeing eye of the Administration. They are behind the scenes taking care of violations and ensuring the game chats are free of violations for all players.

Open vacancies: 0

Forum Moderators

Forum Moderators watch over the Forum day and night; managing off-topic messages, keeping violators under control, removing any irrelevant information, and keeping attention focused on the important things.

Open vacancies: 0

Social Media

Social Media Helpers are responsible for maintaining the game's social medias, ensuring that the Tanki Online Facebook, Instagram, and Discord are kept up to date. They also work diligently behind the scenes to make sure that any questions people have are answered in a quick and polite manner.

Open vacancies: 0


  Wiki Editors are responsible for keeping the Wiki up to date with everything there is to know about the project.

Open vacancies: 0